Para sa Lahat ng Trip Mo

Suzuki aims to address the growing market of the young generation or millenials as we call it now. The brand recognizes that the young riders are trend conscious, keen to what they really need and highly values self-expression. Suzuki used these insights to makeover very popular Suzuki motorcycles that will certainly fit the very active and ever changing lifestyle of the young generation – a collection of motorcycles na kahit sa anong trip, o kahit saan pang trip, pwede. Thus, the campaign Suzuki, Para sa Lahat ng Trip Mo.

Para sa Lahat ng Trip mo
Para sa Lahat ng Trip mo

Why the phrase, Suzuki, Para sa Lahat ng Trip Mo?

TRIP (n).

  • Journey, travel,pleasure
  • Whim, an activity
  • limitless possibilities

Trip is a word that pertains to a journey, travel or tourist. It is also a slang of the young generation pertaining to a whim or simply an activity that one wants to do in a particular time. Trip then in the Suzuki Para sa Lahat ng Trip Mo is used with a pun intended. A campaign that basically speaks that Suzuki is for your journey or that it will be with you with whatever you would like to do. Suzuki is basically offering itself and what it can do to its riders in that phrase – a companion to bring you anywhere you want to go and be with you with whatever you want to do. It is presented in a very simple and friendly manner for it to be easily relatable that instead of a question or a call to action, it is just said in a matter-of-factly manner because after all it is what Suzuki motorcycles are for – it’s for all your trip, it is Para sa Lahat ng Trip Mo.

Lizquen Shot 01

Suzuki’s Trip with Lizquen

Joining Team Suzuki in this campaign is the hottest icons of the young generation of today, Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil. These two artists perfectly represent the millenials of today who love to go places, experience different kind of adventures and an icon of perfect barkada who are always ready to be with us in all of our trips in life.

Para sa Lahat ng Trip mo

The Perfect Motorcycles for all your Trips!

Along with the brand campaign is the launch of the new fashion colors of Suzuki’s Underbone motorcycles’ Smash and Shooter and at the same time a fresh look of the global Suzuki scooter – Address with a very catchy jingle accompanying the campaign. The Smash now comes in Fashion Colors - Frenetic Magenta and Frenetic Purple while the Shooter Fi, both Spokes and Mags is now packaged in Cool Dazzling Yellow, Frenetic Purple and Matte Black Edition – all fitted para sa lahat ng trip ng mga kabataan.

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