Suzuki Philippines, Inc. is a Japanese multinational firm highly recognized in the vehicle manufacturing industry. The company specializes in producing distinguished brands of motorcycle and distribution of compact vehicle. Suzuki has established its reputation throughout the world and renowned for its trademark of quality that offers both versatility and innovation. Its history is epoch-making in itself and remains a significant part of the automotive revolution. We stand behind this global symbol, spearheading in creating advanced value-packed products. We strive to be the customer's brand of choice for having a name with the heritage of trust and reliability.

  1. Warehouseman- Delivery Driver (Taguig City-based)
  2. Technical Training Supervisor
  3. Sr. Human Resources Manager/ Lawyer
  4. Spray Painters
  5. Spare Parts O&D Assistant
  6. Service Mechanic – Outboard Motor
  7. Sales Trainers
  8. Sales Specialist – Pre-Owned Vehicles
  9. Risk Management Specialist
  10. Registration Assistant
  11. Purchasing Specialists/ Engineers
  12. Purchasing Assistant
  13. Project Architects
  14. Production Planning Supervisor
  15. Product Marketing Supervisor
  16. Product Marketing Specialist (Laguna-Based)
  17. Motorcycle Quality Inspector
  18. Motorcycle Parts Sales Representative
  19. Motorcycle Field Service Engineers (Visayas- Based)
  20. Motorcycle Field Service Engineers (Mindanao- Based)
  21. Motorcycle Field Service Engineer (Luzon- Based)
  22. Motorcycle Assemblers
  23. Internal Audit Specialists
  24. Field Sales Trainees- North & Central Luzon
  25. Field Sales Trainees- NCR
  26. Field Sales Representative (Trainee)- Palawan
  27. Field Marketing Specialist
  28. Delivery Drivers (Laguna-Based)
  29. Dealer Development Specialist
  30. Billing Assistant
  31. Automobile Warehouseman/Driver
  32. Automobile Sales Specialists
  33. Automobile Parts Sales Representative
  34. Auto Pre-Delivery Inspectors
  35. Accounting Supervisor
  36. Accounting Assistants