Suzuki Raider J 115 Fi and Next 115 at the Inside Racing One Make Race Festival

Suzuki once again has shown its power on the racetrack as the Japanese giant participated in Inside Racing One Make Race Festival on September 14 at the Carmona Race Track. It was a rainy weather but it did not stop the riders to prove their might sporting Suzuki Raider J 115 Fi and Nex 115.

One Make Race is a competition category wherein riders will race using only one kind of motorcycle from a single manufacturer. The riders are then measured on their ability to maneuver the unit and the fastest to finish will be regarded as the winner.

Suzuki has two One Make Race events at the recent Inside Racing One Make Race Festival, one for the scooter category with the Nex 115 and another the underbone with Raider J 115 Fi. The Raider J 115 Fi opened the doors of the racing scene to yet another development, the use of fuel-injected motorcycles on the race track.

The fun class saw strong rider McKinley Kyle Paz dominating both the Nex 115 and Raider J 115 categories. In the the Nex 115 battle, Paz was followed by another powerful rider Gian Carlo Mauricio on the second spot leaving Lorenmar Villanueva on third place. The raider J 115 Fun Class on the other hand Jason Baguasan fell on second place followed by Lorenmar Villanueva for his another third place stint.

In the Elite Class, veteran Paul Mark Doblada reigned supreme in both Nex 115 and Raider J 115 Fi races followed by Gerald Cruz. Coming in third was Hajine Tadachi for the Nex 115 and Vrei-ar Suba for the Raider J 115 Fi class.

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