Suzuki Aids GlendaPh Affected Areas through its SHARE Program

As one of the recorded strongest typhoons in history, Glenda (international name Rummasun) hit the country this month, it left a significant amount of impairment to the country most especially in Luzon. Seeing the destruction, Suzuki through its SHARE (Suzuki Helps, Aids and REbuilds) Program, commits itself to aid the affected areas by giving free service to all Suzuki motorcycles (solo or converted ones). Through the free service activity, all Suzuki motorcycles will get free Tune Up, Oil Change and Oil Filter. Suzuki fixes the engine on the road to restoration from the damage left by typhoon Glenda.

Suzuki GlendaPh FREE Service Activity kicked off in July 22-23, 5 days after the weather disturbance ravage the country, in Sta. Cruz, Laguna, Marilao, Bulacan and Dinalupihan, Bataan wherein Team Suzuki was able to examine 239 motorcycle units.

Suzuki FREE Service in Motorcentral Sta. Cruz, Laguna showing staff working on solo and tricycle-converted Suzuki units

Suzuki FREE Service activity in Superbikes Marilao Bulacan

The rains didn’t stop Team Suzuki of Royce Dinalupihan, Bataan from fixing the Suzuki units of our brothers affected by typhoon Glenda

Suzuki GlendaPh FREE Service activity will run until July 31 in the hardly hit areas of Luzon. Below is the schedule:

July 24-25 ROYCE - Balanga, Bataan
July 26-27 MOTOWHEELS - San Pablo, Laguna
ROYCE - Iba, Zambales
July 28-29 VENTURE - Lucena, Quezon
WHEELTEK - Olongapo
July 30-31 MARIEL - Gumaca, Quezon
TBA – Malolos, Bulacan

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